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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


...and other fun things.

It is so much fun listening to Ellen as she learns the English language. She generally pronounces things well, but some words just don't come out quite clearly. Like the word "clock." She doesn't pronounce the letter "l" clearly yet, so she talks a bit about her "c'ock." I have to giggle at that one.

Things dairy-wise are going pretty well. The prices may have bottomed out, but we are still hanging in there. If we had any kind of debt load things would be different, but so far it hasn't affected us TOO much. All the dairy magazines that we get have hard luck stories in them and talk about trying to rectify the situation and how to survive. Hubby says we don't want EVERYONE to survive, especially the huge factory farms, because if they all did we will just stay in the same situation. If some of these huge farms would go out of business there would be more $$ to go around.

We have decided to take Ellen to a different doc for a second opinion on the hernia situation. In all of our research we haven't found any urgent need for surgery as they all say these hernias generally heal up by age 4 or 5. Since the actual hernia is only a centimeter and isn't causing her any trouble we aren't too hot to have her operated on at this time.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard about cashback websites? They give you a percentage/amount when you go through them to buy from a retailer.

I don't know about US based ones, but I use Quidco here in the UK. I applied for a credit card via them, and I got the credit card plus a £25 cashback payment for signing up. It costs me £5 a year to be a member, but I've made about £170 that I otherwise wouldn't have made.

Any time I make a purchase online now, I go through a cashback site. It's not guaranteed, but if it works, I'm better off than I would be.

Calfkeeper said...

solomon, I have heard of these sites, but have never checked them out before. maybe I ought to look into it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your hubby--I would love to see more of the big diaries go under, I like supporting the small dairies myself. I like supporting all small farms myself.

I would wait on that surgery if I were you for sure.