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Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Eat Nose"

From the mouths of babes.

Two days ago when Ellen was over at her grandma's, ran her finger up her nose, pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. Then she announced; "Eat nose."


I told hubby, who was the one to relate the story to me, that she didn't learn that trick from me. She is her own little individual and comes up with these things on her own.

Last night she was playing in the bathroom while I was washing dishes. I heard her exclaim, "Oh, my goodness!" Then she came into the kitchen and said; "That cat food is a mess!" Of course she had spilled the cat's plate of dry food.

Yesterday when she was visiting, her grandma asked her if she'd been riding her tricycle; "Not too much," my little darling replied.

Not too much!

It is so funny how they pick up these little phrases and then trot them out when you least expect.

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jel said...

boy she is growing ,

hey when ya got time got a new blogger to checkout , over at my place! :)

do ya think we will get the snow sat?