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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Open Heifer Herd

Once again I haven't had much time on the computer lately. But here are a couple of pics I took last week of our open heifer herd. These are the gals who haven't been bred yet. Usually I go feed them in the AM when it is still quite dark, but on this trip last week I went during the daylight hours because we had to get 2 of them to take to the bull. There were 30 of them in this herd at the time, now, of course, there are 28.

Here they are just coming around the pond:

Almost here:

The big ones we needed are in the corral. It's always touch and go to see if they will go in.


jel said...

howdy there! :)

moe said...

Why are they "open": because they are not inside a corral -until the last pic- or is that the cow equivalent of their marital status? (and if so, what a non dainty euphamism for them. eehaw!)

Calfkeeper said...


moe...yes, "open" refers to their marital status. Lovely terminology, isn't it?