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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some cow terminology

I really haven't had time to think up anything amusing or interesting to post in here so going from a question from "moe," here are a few terms commonly thrown around in the dairy business:

weaners: calves that have recently been weaned.

heifer: young female bovine, usually not bred, but we also use this term for a cow that has only had one calf as well.

open heifer: young, unbred, female bovine

in: in heat

springer: bred heifer whose udder is developing

springing: the verb or adjective to refer to a bred heifer that is developing an udder

three banger: a cow that only has three quarters of her udder functioning. Sometimes these can give more than a full-uddered cow

cull: a bovine reject...headed to your nearest fast food restaurant or supermarket meat counter...usually as hamburger.

I know there are more but the laundry is calling, the baby is squalling and it is hard to think anyway when it is only about 10 degess out.


Donna. W said...

Don't forget "bobbies". I used to raise 25 to 50 bobbies a year.

Anonymous said...

what is a bobbies?????????

hi R, we got 9 here!


Calfkeeper said...

Ah, yes, bobbies! I forgot that one, I'd never heard that 'til I came here.

Unknown said...

This is a great post! I think I posted something on cow terminology last year on my blog! Me being from the city, I thought all cattle beasts were called "cows". That's what we learned in school! LOL! Hubby and my MIL quickly corrected me.

Imagine City Girl here..."What do you mean bulls aren't cows???" LOL! Oh, I've learned so much in the past nearly 2 years of being married to a farmer!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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