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Tuesday, December 18, 2018


All of our open heifers were bred to calve in November; at least we calculated that to be so when we put them in with the bull in February. 

All of them calved last month.  At least all but one.

This one was a hold out.

Imagine my surprise when I went up there Sunday and found this little girl:

She's another red one!  I could hardly believe it!

And I am a bit bummed that we had to sell the bull that sired the red calves.  This is our third little red calf this year. 

I told Gary that our calf buyers would be thrilled to get a little red heifer, as the other red calf they bought from us was a bull.

Gary said; "Maybe we will keep her."

If we do keep her I am going to call her "Lucy."  Don't you think that would be a good red-head to name her after? 

(Always thankful to the Lord for fun little surprises.  A healthy calf and new mama cow are also wonderful blessings.)

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