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Monday, September 21, 2015

Maxwell House...Chapter the Second

Hubby fell a few trees and bull-dozed around and on the other side of the house and bush-hogged, so it looks fairly nice from the road.

This is the view from the front of the house; which actually faces north, away from the road.

Below is the sun room.  I love this room.  It wasn't part of the original house; they added it on much later.  There are no heating/cooling vents in it at all, but they put in 7 or 8 outlets.  Maybe for fans or  The big windows set is actually an old panel of individual panes that they must have found somewhere and had installed when they added this room on.  We ripped out the nasty carpeting and installed laminate wood flooring.  It made a world of difference.  

We brought in a friend and had a painting party: we painted every room but the sun room.  Then we had both upstairs bedrooms  and the front room and hall carpeted (this is the room where Ellen was standing amongst the trash in the other blog post):

The kitchen looks much nicer now that it is cleared out.  We didn't redo the floor in it, but did a great deal of scrubbing to get the stains off the linoleum.  Surprisingly enough under the stains it was in quite good condition.  We did put in a different used fridge and a new range.  

Now we are waiting for someone to come along and love it.  If it were in the right location we'd move into it ourselves.  But since that is not feasible, we do have a couple intent on moving in this week, sight unseen.  They are coming here from Ohio.

Thanks for: A job well done.  Friends willing to pitch in and help. (Of course we paid him, but that's just common courtesy.)  Tenants who will appreciate it.  Laminate wood flooring.  Scenes of beauty in our neighborhood.


jel said...

I like the new look

Calfkeeper said...

Thank you! Yay a comment! Are you blogging again yourself? I am trying to get off Facebook and back to blogging. Maybe I will do the whole month thing in November.

jel said...

I just come over too check things out. :)