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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Were they; Separated at birth?

This past summer during the drought we were forced to sell off many of our young heifers due to the fact that we just couldn't afford to poke so much hay down their gullets.  Hay that was supposed to be for winter months, not summer months.

Now we are in the process of replacing these heifers.  Hubby wants to get springers (heifers soon expecting their first calves) and dry cows (cows that aren't milking and are expecting a calf in a few weeks). 
A couple weeks ago we went down to a small dairy by Rogersville and took a look at this guy's springer heifers.  Hubby liked what he saw so we bought two of them.  In the picture above is one of them; the one in the foreground, looking off to my left.  What struck me was the strange similarities of their facial markings.  It is difficult to see the markings clearly of the heifer in the background, but the main difference is that on the one in the foreground; the top white part extends all the way across the top of the head.  Also, the nose blotch on the background heifer is more pronounced.  

I thought it was just weird that they were so similar.   


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

They do look a lot alike. How will you tell them apart? :)

Calfkeeper said...

They have different ear tags. Let's just hope they don't lose those. lol