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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reflections on Birthday Number Five

Way back when I was younger and single I always wondered what would ever possess someone to have children. My main influence in this was my first nephew; he and my sister came to stay with us during his first 2 years of life. I was a self-centered 12 yr most 12 yr olds are. I rensented the intrusion of a self-centered baby (as all babies are). At age 12 one sees all the trouble, work and distraction that go into raising a child. One does not see how a child can add anything to life.

When I grew old and married I began to see things differently. I began to believe that a child might add something to my life. Ellen came along soon after this revelation. But it was not until AFTER she entered our lives that I realized how much a child can add to your life. And how the trouble, work and distraction are more than compensated by love, laughter and the satisfaction of seeing a life being formed.

For five years I have marvelled at her growth, watched her personality form, and laughed with her.

What fun to see her smile!

1 comment:

jel said...

happy bday Ellen,
hard to belive that she is 5!