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Monday, February 13, 2012

Wanna Have a Good Time...?

Just come on over; there's no rules allowed here.


When Ellen was much younger we made a sign of rules for her and posted them on the fridge. They are still hanging there, though most of them are pretty much outdated as they were more specific to her at a younger age. However, on occasion when we have to remind her that there are rules we must follow, she will get annoyed.

Also, ever since she has been old enough to notice and ask questions she has been fascinated with the slash/circle sign. She sees them all over; like over a picture of guns and knives on the door at the bank...etc. I told her it meant "No guns allowed."

So she put them together and come up with her "No rul allowed" sign. She left off the "es" when I was spelling it out for her.

This was actually a few months ago.

But now here lately she gets annoyed with the Matilda, the cat, who sleeps on her bed. (not that Ellen sleeps in her own bed, ever; she prefers the sofa...but that's another story for sometime later.) So Ellen made up her own "No Cats" sign. I am not sure if she thinks Matilda can actually read it or not. But she posted it on her bedroom door:

Of course Matilda is in there at this very minute, curled up on Ellen's bed.


Frau Guten Tag said...

Hehehe, that is cute & funny

jel said...

did ya make a snowman today?

ya never guess what my word verification is

noplate~ :)