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Friday, February 18, 2011

Flying a Kite

About 2 years ago on a whim I bought Ellen a little kite for her birthday. I figured it was just a little gizmo that wouldn't fly. But I thought it was pretty. At the time she didn't take any interest in it.

She found it again this past fall. Now she gets antsy to fly it. So on windy days we take it out and get it up in the air for a bit. The cord is only 40 feet long, but it flies pretty well.

Here is a pic of it up in the air. It looks like it's tangled in a tree, but really it's several yards away.

Here's what it looks like in hand:

You wouldn't think this little thing could fly, but we were all pleasantly surprised. For now it's just the right size for Ellen, and it stores easily as well. The windy season will soon be upon us; I expect this butterfly will do lots of fluttering.


jel said...

that is waycool!

Frau Guten Tag said...

Wow, that's really pretty & yeah, it's so small that I wouldn't expect it to fly well.

Flying a kite is a huge dream of mine. I have NEVER done it & have ALWAYS wanted to, since I was a small child. The embarrassing thing is that I don't even know WHERE you go to buy a kite, LOL.

Someday, hopefully, I will be able to fly one. :)