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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Equal Billing, as it were...

Yesterday Ellen and I went outside and played for a good long time. After all the snow on the ground, the frigid temps (down to MINUS 18 degrees F one morning) and a cold, the forced shut-in time was producing cabin fever in us. I had to hang out laundry, too. It was sunny and breezy.

Then Ellen said we needed to build a snowman. This means that *I* have to build it. So I set to work. I refused to build a 3 big ball snowman. I just started building a tall-ish column. I kept whacking handfuls of snow on it. Then something happened; I got a handful of snow here, and fistful there and it started to resemble something other than a snowMAN.


So I just started building off of that;

I didn't finish the head, the snow is melting too fast, and I just am too exhausted at the time to finish her. But today I went out and did some decorating for the sake of picture taking;

All in all, I think the next snowfall that comes, I will try and do some other sculpture; this isn't too bad for a 40 minute, or so, job.

Ha ha


Frau Guten Tag said...

LOVE it, that is soooo awesome!! On a serious note though it really looks great minus the missing head. Did Ellen like it??

Anonymous said...

You crack me up....that is almost like one of the Cycladic Goddesses from Crete! Love the colorful additions! MaryG