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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Salute 2, I think...

I haven't been doing too well on saluting or throwing back...ha, that sounds indecent, but anyway, I will keep trying.

Here's a salute to my pen-pal Daniela, in the Czech Republic. We have been pen-pals for over 12 years now. I received my first letter from her December 1995. How time flies.

For putting up with me for so long she deserves a salute of some sort. We have had fun over the years exchanging stories and info. She and her husband do lots of traveling all over Europe and she writes great stories about their adventures, I travel vicariously through her letters and emails. I know we'd be great friends in person if we'd been neighbors because we both love to garden and hate to dust. We both also tend to have a wry sense of humor in our writing and love to write long letters and emails.

So anyway; Daniela, here's a salute to you! Thanks for your friendship; it's meant much to me over the years! I haven't been much of a correspondent lately, but I am working on it.


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