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Monday, February 4, 2008

Random photo entry...

I was looking through my photos I have taken since I came to the dairy and found this one above. This is a female cardinal that took a header into our picture window. She was on the ground and I picked her up and put her on the deck for a photo shoot. Isn't she pretty? She recovered quickly and flew off.

Usually in the winter I put up a bird feeder out in the front of the house. I found it fun the first 2 years because I was able to see any number of different birds that I'd never seen on the West coast; especially the cardinals. This year I didn't put up the bird feeder because I learned that it makes a great smorgasborg for Matilda the cat...witness this picture:

For one thing the feeder is on a really short pole, but it doesn't matter because many of the birds, like the snow birds (junkoes), feed on the ground and Matilda sneaks up on them somehow. It is annoying to see puffs of feathers around and know that I am providing the cat with an easy meal. GRRRRRR.... She's supposed to be taking care of rodents near the barns and hay, not eating the birds!


jel said...

that is a cool red bird,
and yes cats and birds don't mix,

when the birds around here hit the windows around here, that means the feeders are out of feed and need to be fill! ;)

Unknown said...

Beautiful photo of the cardinal! Very pretty! I just saw a pair of Blue Jays the other day. I haven't seen them around for a while, so it was a neat treat.

I hear you about the easy cat feasts! We have a few barn cats, but they seem to be forgetting to guard the barn and are now sleeping on our roof! Crazy cats!