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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ellen's T1D: How it Began

In December 2016 Ellen developed her annual seasonal allergies.  On Dec 28th I took her in to the clinic and they prescribed allergy meds for her.  She weighed in at 98 lbs, I forget how tall, but she's taller than my chin and I am about 5'4" or so. 

A week or so before this; late December, Ellen started developing a powerful thirst.  As time went on into January 2016 it worsened.  She began drinking unusual amounts of juice and water and spent quite a bit of time going back and forth to the restroom.  Even more unusual she began getting up at night to go pee; sometimes twice. 

This concerned me, but not overly at first.  I just figured it was the allergy meds that was making her thirstier than usual.

But then I noticed that she seemed to be losing weight.  And at the same time she was eating more.  In the evening, not an hour after eating a full meal she began to complain of being hungry.  She'd eat a pbj and some fruit, along with a glass or two of water. 

About oh, January 10th or 11th so I began to worry.  I mean, really worry, because all the signs pointed to one thing.

I was in tears when I went to Gary.  He reassured me that there wasn't any family history of diabetes and surely it was because of the meds and a growth spurt.  But we agreed that I'd take her in to get checked out, just in case.

The dr appointment was for the evening after school on Tues the 17th. 

But come Saturday, we agreed that I'd take her to the walk-in clinic to get checked out.

It was to be the last normal Saturday morning of our lives. 

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