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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ellen's "Times"

In various books that we have read together the children in the story have written their own newspapers.  Ellen wanted to follow suit, thus here is her newspaper, spelling errors and all. 

May 29, 2016  By Ellen

Memorial Day
Tomorrow, as we all know, is Memorial Day!  It is a day to remember all of the Vetrans.  Lots of people celebrate with barbecues and such.

Fashion Trends
The most popular fashion Items are swimsuits.  Of corse they will be, well because its summer, and it's also time for swimming.  Popular patterns are usually cheveron and Polka dots.
   Boy fashion: Plaid shirts and Nike/Under Armour are very popular

Hard Times
As we most all likely know, the Beloved Long Lane Elem. has closed. ):  My Long Lane friends and I are trying and have secksessfully ajusted to the new school.  How did we do it?  Easy.  4 cups of faith and one of friendship.

5 Questions ansewerd

Today unknown has ansewerd 5 questions to the book The Dragon's Whim, By Pamela Dean.  Here are the questions:

What is this book about?  Five children in an imaginary land.
Who are the characters? Ted, Ruth, Patrick, Ellen and Laura
What is the setting?  The Hidden Land
Why do you like this book?  It's fun
What about this book do you like?  The literary style

Bluebirds day
Today a local blue bird nest's eggs FINALLY hatched!  There are five baby blue birds in the nest.

From the author
Dear Reader; Thank you for reading this.  If you love it don't throw it away.  I did it, exept for the front, by hand..  Ellen

Thank you for inspiring me to do this.

I guess we don't need one.

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