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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Here, in case you missed it last fall, is a pic of my mom in our new Mule.  She seems happy, waving joyfully at the camera, but afterward she admitted she wasn't quite impressed with her ride in it; "I felt like I was about to fall out the whole time."

Ha Ha.

Anyway.  She still gets kudos for being willing to try new things at age 86.  Her mind may be going, but she is willing to give most anything a try.

On the subject of her mind going.  Yes, she is quite likely in the earliest stages of dementia; very forgetful.  She will ask the same questions several times in a row, doesn't recognize her own possessions if they are out of her sight for any length of time...etc.  But she is almost always in a happy-go-lucky mood and smiling.

Even when she was younger, I can remember she'd forget phrases or names and come up with funny sayings.  One in particular I can remember is what she called the popcorn dude; Orville Dickenbocker.  hehehe...

Now she is coming up with some funny stuff again. 

Last Friday in town we were at the library.  I was inside getting books while she worked on her word search puzzles out in the car.  Well, right in front of her, maybe two cars up there was a collision at the intersection.  An older lady and a dude collided and somehow the dude's car ended up over the sidewalk about 2 inches from the library building's corner. 

I asked my mom if she'd seen it and said I hadn't even heard it when I was in the library.  "Oh, no," she said.  "I didn't hear anything until there was this big THUD!"  For some reason this struck me as hilarious. 

That's one mom-ism.  More to follow.

Thankful:  My mom is still with me, she is sill happy, she can come up with funny stuff. 

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