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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Country Can-do...

 On Facebook a few people commented on my fix of my broken glasses:
Hubby's idea; A section of coat-hanger and hot glue.  So far they have worked for 3 days!  It was something to the effect of a Humboldt or Ozark fix... Anyway; I said I liked to call it "Country Can-do."  You come up with whatever works.

I did that in another way last week, too.

We do not have a microwave.  This was a mutual decision hubby... (Rabbit trail:  Why do I keep calling him that?  I dunno.  That's what I started calling him when I first started this blog, and I have just kept it up.  I call Ellen Ellen...  Hmmm...  His name is Gary.  Maybe I will just call him that.)

Anyway.  Gary and I decided to forgo having a microwave for a couple of different reasons.  Gary doesn't believe they are healthful.  I have never had luck with a microwave; they will last maybe a month for me and then go KAPUT!  Then I have to figure out how to get rid of them.

Then there is the fact that I have very limited counter space here in the house.


No microwave.

However.  On occasion I get a serious craving for microwave popcorn.  You know what I mean?  Well, maybe you don't.  But if you do  you know that even though you may have one of those poppers that spits out healthful happy kernels of puffed up corn, that's just not the taste you crave.

It is very difficult to have microwave popcorn without a microwave.

Hence another Country Can-do:

Open microwave popcorn bag and scrape contents into your skillet.  Cast iron is probably best since it heats more evenly.

Make sure you have a roomy lid that will fit over your skillet.  Make sure it fits securely.  Ha.

Turn heat to medium, shake pretty much constantly.   After a short time the kernels will begin to pop.  Keep shaking until popping slows down.

Do not remove lid until after you have removed skillet from the heat.  Wait, but shake.

Remove lid.


 Enjoy.  This makes for some yummy toasted old maids, too.


Adoptive Mom NOS said...

So I am thinking that with a cast iron skillet you get a pretty good upper body workout too.

Unknown said...

I struggle with creativity, so I truly admire your creative way of fixing your glasses! That is genius in my book!! And yes, I have an air popper, but I also have a stove top popper with a crank on it for those times when I don't want to be healthy LOL. I agree that microwaves aren't healthy & don't use one. But when I was a kid my mom popped out pop corn in an aluminum pot on the stove, I remember her shaking it like crazy so it wouldn't burn. Whatever works, right?

Calfkeeper said...

Adoptive mom; yes I do get a good hand and wrist work out with the cast iron skillet. It heats more evenly so that's why I use it.

Diane, well, it was Gary's idea on how to fix the glasses. But it worked for over a week until the new ones came in. I got some funny looks in town though. ha