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Friday, April 22, 2016


On Wednesday, about...oh...maybe 3ish PM, I was fixing supper and happened to catch a glance of the palm of my hand out of the corner of my eye.

On it was written, in black Sharpie: 47 

That's all.  47
I remembered writing it there, but for the life of me I couldn't remember WHY or WHAT it stood for or WHEN I'd put it there.  I mean, that IS my age, but why the samhill would I write my age on my palm?

I finished preparing supper; we ate, did chores, went to bed.

In the course of time the 47 wore off.  But my curiosity remained.

On Thursday I pondered; off and on.  Well, Wed morning I'd gone to our Book Study.  But there are no Sharpies readily available there.  Afterward I'd stopped by my mom's.  We keep a Sharpie handy there.  Ellen uses it to mark off the days on the calendar to help my mom remember what day it is.  (Not that this works, but that's a different blog post altogether.) But why 47?


I keep a  Sharpie in the kitchen at home.  But still; 47 what? 

It really had me flummoxed.

Until today.  Friday.  48 hours later.

I had to stop at the post office in town and get a book of stamps.

Then I remembered.

On Wed morning when I left the Book Study, I ran up to the post office there in that town where the lovely lady at the PO told me the new price of 1st class stamps.

And that is the mystery of the number 47 on my palm.  And it also cured me of EVER wanting to take OTC allergy medication EVER again.  Because it was on that day I'd taken 2 of them and not only could I barely stay awake during book study, but I had trouble remembering things.  Allergy meds cause short term memory loss.  So now I am taking homeopathic allergy meds.


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