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Monday, April 2, 2012


OK. That was quite a long break from blogging.

I am back.

Not that I have too much to blog about.

Let's see. What has been happening in the past over-a-month since I have blogged?

On March 5th I weaned my last bottle baby. We've had 2 bull calves come along, but no one has dropped a little heifer calf since then; almost a full month.

A couple of weeks ago hubby took the bigger heifers back to their summer pasturage; in Windyville and Long Lane. This means I am only graining 2 groups up the road again.

Last Monday the 4-wheeler got a flat tire up the road one morning while I was doing the graining. I fed them, then hiked the 3/4 mile home in my rubber boots.

Note to self (and anyone else who'd like some advice): avoid hiking on concrete in rubber boots; not real nice on your feet.

I went to a wedding shower, and the subsequent wedding. Lovely.

Ellen had her 5 yr checkup last Wed. She did not take well to the booster shots; FOUR of them. She had nasty reaction to one of them. It is still a little bruised, even now.

Day after tomorrow I am taking Ellen in for her kindergarten registation and screening. I am doing this with great trepidation. Ellen, I am sure, is going to take a notion to be contrary. It is my guess she will neither speak to the interviewer, nor do any sort of cooperating whatsoever.

I also pulled up the carpet in the front room and put down adhesive vinyl floor tile. This sounds super easy in one sentence, but it was a long drawn-out process as I had to sandwich it all in between everything else. We still have yet to put down the metal strips.

Time to fix supper.

Gotta go.

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