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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yep, it was a memorable Memorial Day.

I was prepping for our annual barbecue and was back in the laundy room. Ellen was playing in the front room.

I heard a thump.

Then I heard a squall and; "Ow, ow ow ow. Mommy, mommy, mommy!" infinitum.

At a doc appointment on Tuesday they couldn't really tell too well from the X-rays, but they think it's a hairline fracture on her right shin, just an inch or two under the knee. That's where she points to when asked where it hurts. She won't put any weight on it at all; even with this walking brace/boot, whatever it's called, on. Because she wouldn't put any weight on it, they are assuming it's a fracture.

They are going to refer us to an orthopedic doc and we shall see what will happen from there.

She is not really happy about the boot; wants it off, as any sensible person would. I feel so badly for her. Poor little pumpkin. And she has a busy month ahead of her, too. VBS is next week, and she's going to this Noah's Ark exhibit down in Branson with her grandma and aunt this Saturday. She's been looking forward to that for a long time. Then on the 17th we are heading to CA to visit my mom out there.



In other news.

We have a new/old grain bin that hubby is fixing up to put in Long Lane for the critters out there.

One of our heifers has a leg out of joint (we think); the bull was a little too enthusiastic with his amorous attentions. Argh!

We had a nice barbecue, in spite of bone fractures, on Memorial Day.

Ummm... I have to quit for now. Have a happy June!


jel said...

poor baby! hope she will bee ok!

give her a hugg from us.

what happen?

Deb said...


If she won't put any weight on it, there's no point in wearing the boot.

And if the fracture - hairline or not - is just 2 or 3 inches below the knee, a boot ending right about there isn't going to help anyway.

Orthopedic doc should know better what's wrong and how to treat it.

One real good thing going for Ellen is that she's so young. Well, that does make it harder now, but I'm thinking about after the bone is healed and she gets back on her feet again. Normal play and activity should get her back up to speed without any tedious PT.

This is a great time for an anatomy lesson! Did she get to see her own Xray? My kids always found those kinds of things fascinating, including watching their own blood being drawn! Phlebotomists would always be nervous that they would scream or pull away and were shocked when they just watched closely with this scientific interest LOL!

Keep us posted.....

Frau Guten Tag said...

awww, poor baby! hope she's feeling better FAST, little ones heal super fast, even fractures.