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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unexpected Harvest

This past March when the stores started putting their seeds on display I loaded up on them lest they not have them by the time the weather was agreeable enough for planting.

I believe in March we were still having temps down into the 20s at night, and not much warmer during the day.

Ellen does not know the finer points of gardening, all she knows is that on TV Rabbit from Pooh is forever planting his radish seeds. Therefore she was all on fire to plant some of the seeds when we got home.

I didn't see the harm in letting her plant some of the cabbage seeds, they are my least favorite vegetable. (ugh...but this post isn't about my vegetable dislikes...I have griped enough on Facebook about that.) So I cleared a tiny spot in my little flower garden and let her plant away.

Days, weeks passed.

Much to my everlasting astonishment I noticed that her planting efforts had not been in vain; lo and behold, the cabbages had sprouted.

So here is Ellen holding one of the fruits of her gardening labors.

Part of it has already been consumed as Cole slaw.

Happy Fourth of July!

1 comment:

jel said...

way too go Ellen, :)

and cabbage, is very good for you and it taste mmmmm good :)