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Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Shot of Ellen

Ellen's Missouri aunt made her a dress. She got the pattern from a co-worker, thought it was adorable, and made it for Ellen. It is so cute, but she had quite the time with it.

For one thing...the MAIN thing...Ellen wasn't cooperative in the "let me measure you" department. So Auntie had to just make a guess at the size. The first time it was too little. The second time it was a tad too big, but I put it on Ellen while they were here so Auntie was able to measure it a bit better. So now it fits just right...for a few months anyway.

The shoulder straps are unique in that they are just that; straps. You pull them through button holes in the top front and then knot so they can't be pulled back through.

It made quite the sensation among the ladies at church yesterday.


jel said...

she looks so cute in the dress!

it is a very purty dress

oh thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Very cute dress! :)