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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pickled Pink

A few months ago hubby and I wanted to use up some of our many eggs by pickling them. I read a few recipes and people just raved about them. So I tried pickling 2 dozen of them. Ugh! I guess maybe the possums loved them, we sure didn't. Hubby said you might as well drink a glass of vinegar with your boiled egg.

Last week I had some leftover pickled beet syrup. I put it in a quart jar and threw in 8 peeled, hardboiled eggs. After about 3 days this is what they turned out like. We, hubby, my mom and I, tried them last week and the consensus was that they taste pretty much like a boiled egg soaked in pickled beet syrup. The taste was rather blah and the texture is nasty to my mind. It seems to make the whites rubbery.

If you have a pickled beet recipe that YOU like, share it with me would you!



Solomon said...

They look really cool.

Google thousand year old egg if you want to see some rank egg pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

The real question is what were you doing eating BEETS ? ick!

jel said...

hey Beets, R Very Good!

and they "BEET" somestuff hands down :) WAHA!!!!! get it (BEETS)

Calfkeeper said...

Solomon-thanks. Say I can't get to your blog anymore because it asks me to sign in to something and I don't want to.

GC-BEETS are yummy! Hubby likes them piclked, but I prefer them boiled with salt and butter.