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Monday, November 3, 2008

Yet another cake picture

This is the quick version of a Boston Cream Cake (or pie, however you want to say it). Slice a pound cake into 3 layers; fill with custard, top with chocolate glaze and voila! I made all this from scratch, but you can use a pudding mix...I think the orig recipe called for adding 1-1/2 cups cream instead of milk to the mix for the filling, but I forget exactly how much.
It got hubby's approval. I am trying to decide what to take for the church holiday potluck next month; I know I have a month, but I want to decide now.
I already have some of my Christmas gifts wrapped and have started on a few cards to send out. I still have a few more gifts to get yet, but I am working on that one as well.
Ellen had another "First" last night; she pooped while in the bathtub. I could have done without that "First," but I guess it's just the beginning of many incidents like that.


Julie said...

That cake looks really really yummy. Too yummy, maybe. And too easy, with frozen pound cake...

I may have to go to the store now.

I remember that first...not my favorite thing either, especially when it happened with two kids and about a thousand bath toys in the tub...ugh.

Calfkeeper said...

julie-yes, it was a really yummy cake. ugh-two kids and lots of bathtoys. Makes a great story to tell, but not to live through. ha