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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poo...or, let's get gross

In over a year of blogging I don't think I have actually dedicated a post wholly to the subject of poo. I give it a glancing mention occasionally, but haven't gone too deep into the subject. Well, here we go.

Poo on the dairy. It's everywhere, seems like. And even where it isn't, the smell of it is, depending on the direction the wind is blowing. Hubby has several piles of it around; there is one fresh one here just in view of the house; it has grass and weeds covering most of it. Then hubby transports quite a bit of it into piles way up the road. After it has sat there for a couple of years it turns into lovely black dirt that is great for the garden. Except there are a TON of weed seeds in it. We give quite a bit of it away in the spring; neighbors or friends come load up their trucks. Hey, it's free.

Here's where it gets really gross. The wildlife loves the poo, in all it's various forms. Birds, especially the turkeys, and raccoons eat the corn out of it. Also, at one point early on in my careeer here I kept wondering why the young calves in their little individual calf houses weren't going poo. They never left any evidence of it though they were doing a good job of eating. "Oh," hubby informs me one day, "the 'possums take care of it."

Hmmmm...ok, 'nuff said.


Donna said...

Dogs love baby calf poop, too. Eat it like it's candy.

moe said...

I see many more poop discussions in your future. How old is Ellen?

Calfkeeper said...

donna-yes, I neglected ot mention that one. Hubby's folks used to have a dog that was a regular around the calf-houses.

moe-hehehehehe...Ellen is now 20 months old.

Amrita said...

Can you make fertizer with it?

Calfkeeper said...

Amrita-yes we use it for gardening, but even though there's so much of it, it really isn't enough to fertilize the fields. It isn't highly concentrated enough.