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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Long Pull, a Strong Pull...

Finally. Yesterday something happened to blog about.

Hubby was going by the bull heifer pasture on the way home from town yesterday afternoon and saw something.

He came in at about 2:15 PM and said there was a heifer up there calving, but she didn't seem to be making any progress.

(Ellen, do you mind terribly, darling? It's difficult to type when you keep pushing in the keyboard.)

This wasn't good news to receive at such a late hour (I start supper at 3:00 pm), but what can you do? They rarely ever do things for the farmer's convenience. So in about 15 minutes I rigged up for cold weather (it hovered at and below freezing all day) and went back up there to check on her while hubby took Ellen up to her grandma's place. Nope, no progress, just a massive pair of hooves sticking out. So I called hubby on the walkie-talkie (very useful things on the dairy, those.) and told him. I waited there while he got the other 4-wheeler so we could round her up into the corral. Except she had gotten up, walked over, and plopped down in a dozer pile. She decided she didn't want to move, even when hubby walked up and examined her.

So hubby attached one of the ropes that we keep handy in the 4-wheelers to one of those huge hooves and...

OK...sorry. I am going to have to finish tomorrow. It's almost 3 PM and the kid is in my lap wanting to watch little video clips of herself.

'Til tomorrow...


jel said...

you planed that didn't ya ?

here i am going to be on pin and needles , will be up ALLNITE just cause you won't tell
hope your happy!

Calfkeeper said...

No, I didn't plan it. Hahahaha.
Hope you got some sleep.