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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ironing on the Dairy

It doesn't happen very often.

My unfortunate husband learned that early on in our marriage. I iron his shirts; yes. As infrequently as I can get away with. He has a closet FULL of shirts and only wears them occasionally; like on Sundays, or on those rare occasions when he goes in to town. So I just wash them and let them pile up until the my I-Haven't-Ironed-in-a-LOOOOOOOONG-Time guilt trip gets the better of me and I hunt up the ironing board and iron.

As far as I am concerned there really isn't any need of doing that actually because his closet is so jam-packed with shirts that as soon as I hang them up they get wrinkled. Yes, I have tried taking some out that he never wears and putting them on a shelf, but he found them and hung them back up. I don't bother any more.

Also. He actually expected me to iron his good jeans for church. Ha. I did that for like the first month or so of our marriage. Then, my opinion being that if you are going to be so casual as to wear jeans to church in the first place you can certainly wear them with wrinkles intact, I quit ironing them. He just has to lump it. When the fit hits me I will toss them in the dryer and let IT iron them for him.

So far, having just passed the 4th anniversary, this seems to have worked.


Donna said...

I've been married since 1966, and I totally agree with your method. It's the one I've lived by all my life.

Anonymous said...

well all i can say ism that you don't have to Iron his undershorts

likt my granny did for her oldest son!


Amrita said...

Ironing is not my favourite activity

Calfkeeper said...

donna-yea! Thank you. Now I don't have to feel like I'm a bad wife.

j-ha. That's crazy!

amrita-I'm glad I'm not the only one.