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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can you spot the copperhead?

This is from a forward that has gone around this fall, complete with a warning to be careful when raking fall leaves. Kind of creepy. There is a copperhead snake in the picture below. Look very, very carefully; remember that they are poisonous.

As a parody of the copperhead pic, I took the following of Matilda. Can you spot the puddy? Ha! She likes to come with me on my walks sometimes, and she loves to play in the leaves.

Ah ha! Below is the copperhead. Would you have been bitten? I would have; but then again, I didn't have the patience to stop and really scan the picture for it. Hubby says usually they are coiled up, not stretched out. If they are moving I believe they are easier to spot. But I don't know. In the 4 years I have been in Missouri I haven't seen a live copperhead; no, I take that back. The only live copperhead I have seen in MO was a rather pitiful looking one at the zoo. Then hubby showed me a dead one. They get run over in the road quite frequently in spring.


Solomon said...

I would not have spotted the snake. Until it moved, at which point I would be running for the hills. :D

Calfkeeper said...

solomon-ha. yes, I probably will run too, the first time I see one.