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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Follow-up Visit from the County Sheriff

Back in March the sheriff came by for a visit because he wanted permission to put up signs on our property along the highway. This past Tuesday he was re-elected by a pretty wide margin, I believe. So today he came by and dropped off a thank you note for our support and sign space before he collected his signs. Hubby said no one else had done such before.

On Ellen:

She is getting more and more articulate and it is interesting how her language skills are developing; how she pronounces certain words and makes up words to suit her. She likes to end words in -er. She refers to the bales of hay as "hay-er" She refers to babies as "bay-er." She can't quite get her tongue wrapped around "grandma" either so she calls her "G-er," it sounds like she's saying "jeer."

One of the ladies at church gave her a furry pink purse for Halloween and she loves to carry it around, she won't let us put anything in it, she prefers it to be empty.

Ellen is doing more walking than crawling now. Thank the Lord. She was wearing out the knees of her pants faster than I could find pairs to fit her.

She loves to go out for walks. But it's really cold out now so she throws a fit when I won't take her out.


Donna. W said...

Bundle up. Bundle Ellen up. You'll both be healthier for it if you go for walks in spite of the weather, and you'll make memories together.

Calfkeeper said...

Donna-yes, you are right. I just want to wait 'til she's a little bit steadier on her feet, AND until I have better winter clothes for her.