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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Driving Ducks...etc

Well, folks, I don't know about a video of my singing performance. I wouldn't even know how to post it. But I think we will do "Silent Night" and I will do one verse in Spanish. Gotta work that college degree into my life somehow...hahahahaha

Today as we were coming home from visiting hubby's granddad we went by the renter's place. The son was out front with his girlfriend's arm draped around his neck; smoking no doubt.

Hubby's comment: "Well, she's driving her ducks to a poor market, isn't she?" Signifying that she's made a bad choice as far as boyfriends are concerned. I think I am going to collate all these sayings into one post and put it as a sticky over on the right. That way I can just add to it as hubby, or anyone else, gives me new ones.

Oh, I keep meaning to email my sis in law about this but I forget. Ellen loves to "read" that book; "My First 100 Words in Spanish" you sent her. I think it's because of all the familiar objects in it. Of course she doesn't say the Spanish words, but she likes to go through and recite all the English words to the objects she reconizes. There is one picture of a man on a motorcycle; she calls it "Dad." That is because she sees her daddy heading off on his motorcycle every morning with grain to feed the heifers across the river. In fact, any motorcycle picture she sees she calls "dad." It's so cute.

I find some of the Spanish words hilarious. Do you know what the Spanish word for puzzle is; as in jigsaw puzzle? Rompecabezas. Rompe means "break" and cabeza means "head". Isn't that funny? I love it. I guess they find some of our words funny too.

Tah for now.

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