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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


is Christmas play program rehearsal night. This is always a hoot.

For one thing, when you get a group of young'uns together doing something fun, you inevitably get a whing-ding. The girls group together and yak and the boys do their best to annoy the girls.

But most of them have their lines memorized and know when they come in and exit. Now we have to get them to be able to deliver their lines without giggling or snickering. The Indignant Man has trouble with this issue. He has his lines downpat, but gets the giggles about halfway through. It doesn't help that everyone else is laughing too.

We also have to work on the carolers scene. They are supposed to "swamp" Wally, not mob him. Also, they are carolers, but they don't know any Christmas carols. We will have to work on that one.

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