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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halfway There

This has gone much quicker this year for me, seems like.

But, oh la la, what to post for today?

Just a quick observation; it's very hard to type legibly with a 20 month old in your lap. She likes to help.

The mini calf we got a couple of weeks ago is doing well. She's grown a bit, but she is still kind of mentally slow, or at least that is my opinion. She still doesn't quite get how to efficiently drink her bottle; she has a big puddle of milk on the ground after she is done. I never have the patience to stand and watch her for too long, all I know is that she slurps on it, then pulls off of it, then re-attaches and repeats.

Today we went in to Lebanon. I went into a couple of the thrift shops down there and bought some things for Ellen. I have to stop myself from buying up all of the cute little dressy dresses that they have. At only $8-$10 per dress it's hard to pass up. I have to get them a couple of sizes too large as she is so tall. She isn't that big around, is of average weight for her age, but at her last appointment she was at the 105th percentile for her height.

Today is opening day for deer season, shotgun season that is. Bow season is now over with until next month I believe. On the way into town we saw lots of trucks parked along the roads, or saw folks in hunter orange and camoflauge walking around. They were in Wal-Mart too, or at gas stations around.

Around here they have places where you can donate your deer to feed the hungry, but hubby just saw somewhere that they also ask you to pay part of the processing fee.

Until tomorrow.


Solomon said...

I'd love to go hunting. Well, just to watch. I don't think I could kill anything.

You're doing really well to post every day. I'd be having such trouble if I didn't have the format I do.

Calfkeeper said...

solomon-thanks. if I had something regular to post about I'd format the whole thing too. I am not much of one for hunting. I'd prefer to shoot with a camera.