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Thursday, November 6, 2008 6

It's day 6 of NaBloPoMo. I am running out of things to write about already. So here is a few more things that ought NOT be attempted on a farm. This is from a list off of the Homesteading Today forum. Some of them might be repeats, but they are worth reading again.

What not to do on the farm:

*Don't tell your kid to write a report, complete with pictures, for their "Life Experience" project on Butchering. Some people might not find it as special as you do.

*Do not tell your little sister that white gobs of old chicken poo taste like mom's Russian tea cookies ... Mom was NOT happy

*Do not pee on an electric fence; not ever, for ANY reason!

*When gathering eggs do not give a two-year-old an egg for each hand. They can not resist smacking them together. Then you have omelet all over the toddler and they are crying because their eggs vanished!

*Don't put your cell phone in the same jacket pocket with the eggs you forgot you gathered or you will have pocket omelet AND need to buy a new cell phone.

*When you think a bee might be inside your pants while working outside, you might want to quickly look around and make sure the little neighbor's kids aren't walking wn the driveway for a visit before you frantically pull your pants down and do a strange dance.


Solomon said...

Do not tell your little sister that white gobs of old chicken poo taste like mom's Russian tea cookies

Do you speak from experience here? :D

Donna said...

That first one hits home: One time I did a blog entry with pictures of my husband butchering some hogs.

Not all bloggers are ready to admit that their meat was once a real, live animal.

Anonymous said...

lol :)


Calfkeeper said...

solomon-ha. No, none of these were in my personal experience, or in my family's for that matter. But when my mom was little she and her sister coated goat "pills" in chocolate and gave them to a neighbor girl. I laughed and laughed when she told me this.

donna-yes, most folks prefer to think their meat originates in the supermarket.

jel-haha thanks for visiting.

Amrita said...

This is great i like reading your posts. Ellen 's talking quite a bit isn 't she?

Calfkeeper said...

amrita-yes, Ellen's vocabulary seems to grow every day. It's funny how she will come up with words that I haven't said to her in a long time, but she still remembers.