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Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Walk to the Wild Side, Sept 2019

Yesterday, for the first time this summer I believe, Bella and I forsook civilization, chores and everything mundane, and headed to the wilderness.  Thither we go to cast off our cares, live for the moment, and fill our souls with God's magic.

The way is not easy, but we persevere:

(This was only one deadfall in our path down to the river)

When Bella and I go to the wild, we are enchanted by:
 who we meet; 

the signs of those who wish to not be seen;

and the artistic skills of those blessed to hang around in the woods all day.

The way down the hill is quite steep and weedy, but we find fascinating sylvan scenes that conjure up the dryads of C.S. Lewis.  Surely they must be around somewhere; peeking between the roots or from under mossy logs.

Bella herself looks,

and looks,

and looks and looks,

But the wild ones are elusive.

So we content ourselves with scenes from the woods, flecked with early yellow signs of impending fall, and they are peace to us, filling us with unspeakable joy; God's magic.

(Thankful: flowers in late fall, the big sycamore, peace in the woods)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

More Turkle Pictures


Look what I found last month!

Nine teensy turkles!  Last June I watched the mama turtle lay her eggs in the west yard, out by our big sign.  I marked it with little sticks so I could find it this spring.  But what with mowing and limbs falling and all I lost my markers. 

Last month I just couldn’t wait any longer, so I took the shovel and went out looking for the nest.  I dug very carefully all up and down where I thought it was and couldn’t find anything.i almost gave up, but I tried one more spot and AHA!  

I will keep one or two of the smaller ones and let the rest go into ponds or the river.

Here are the smallest and the largest.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Creek Walk 2019

Ellen and I did our annual walk down to the creek last week, on the 11th, when she was on her spring break from school.  

It was up a bit due to the rains we had, and in some places was flowing quite swiftly.

I missed getting a close up of Bella in any of the shots we took, but she was there, as usual.

Ellen has always loved going to the creek.  You can probably do a search on this blog of "creek" and/or "Ellen and  come up with more than one post that involve her in the creek.

(Thankful for running water on our property, for a daughter who loves the outdoors almost as much as I do, for a walking buddy.)

The Eyebrow Cow

Her eyebrows are not as pronounced as they were when she was a calf; but she is still cute.  For the time being she is our only dry cow up the road.  We are slowing down with the breeding and all, so we don't have many to calve soon.  It's kind of sad, but a relief in a way.