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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Drawing a blank today

It has been one of those cold, dreary days in which my cognitive skills have frozen and the creativity is not flowing. Looking out the window a line from a popular song from the past comes to mind; "All the trees are brown and the sky is gray..."

I think that new, tiny heifer is going to peg out on me. She isn't drinking much of her bottle, even when I try and feed her by hand most of it goes all over the ground or all over me. We think she didn't get any colostrum from the cow and she got some kind of infection or bug. I am putting medicine in her milk, but since she doesn't drink it much, she isn't gettting too much benefit.

That's all for today folks. Thanks for dropping in.


Donna. W said...

Tube-feed her! I've brought lots of calves back from death's door by tube-feeding them.

jel said...

hey there, and the dude said hey back, butchered 2 porkers too day.

Boy was it cold! say hey to the family, oh let me know when the play is , will try too get out and see it! and hear ya sing ;)
oh and thanks

Calfkeeper said...

donna-so far the calf is getting enough to eat. At least she seems to be strong enough. Hubby says maybe since she's just 1/3 sized calf she only need 1/3 size of a bottle.

jel-yea! Bacon! ha. The play will be on the 21st, but dunno exact time yet.