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Monday, March 17, 2008

You have heard of the following:

A herd of sheep
A parliament of owls
A murder of crows...etc

I decided to come up with my own terms here on the dairy.

1. A cavort of calves
2. A gallop of heifers
3. A brute of bulls
4. A bag of cows
5. A crank of dairy farmers
6. A weariness of farmer's wives



Gledwood said...

Hey there's a poetical book called Parliament of the Birds by Farid Ud Din Attar... I once got it out of the library but cannot remember one single line from it! (Read it in English translation and not the original Arabic or Persian haha! l->..._)

sorry I did mean to get back to yer FAR earlier than this only my bloody computer TIME kept running out and these machines are CRAP literally FOUR times today I've had to change machines bc of them crashing it makes going in and out of blogs v difficult ... ho-humm...

jel said...

that a knee slaper! :)

Anne said...

Great post, great blog. Enjoyed browsing your blog.
^.^ hehe

Calfkeeper said...

gled-thanks for your comment, I know how it is with crashing computers


anne-thanks. come anytime

Amrita said...

like Jel said this one 's a real knee slapper