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Monday, March 10, 2008

Some Randomness...

Sigh. I have run out of the more obvious dairy lists so will just make a list of random things.

1. The past week or so we have had 3 bull calves. Two have been from first-calf heifers.

2. It is a pain in the kazoo to train first-calf heifers to the milk barn. They don't like the sensation of having things hooked to their nether parts. I don't blame them; I wouldn't either, I'd do some kicking myself.

3. The mud is gradually drying up from the 7 inches of snow we had last week. It takes it forever, it would seem.

4. I have a horrible time with my rubber boots; they always get a crack in them across the top side of the toe on my right foot where it bends when I walk. I can't get a pair to last more than a month or two. When you spend $45-50 for a pair of insulated boots you kind of expect them to last a year or more.

5. Calf #94, the one that went blind from a fever, is still hanging around, fat and sassy. I expect her to croak at any time. She has cataracts in her eyes and gets an infection every time she gets a cut or sore, but she keeps recovering and going on. Plucky little buggar.

6. These dratted Asian lady bugs are driving me...well...buggy. Now that the weather is warming up they keep coming out of their little winter hidey-holes from around the windows and doors and crawling around. They stink if you bother them and the baby keeps finding them on the floor somehow. *sigh*

7. This daylight savings time change is a pain. Husband likes it because he doesn't like it to be light in the mornings when he is finishing up milking; says it makes him feel like he is late. Not only that but it messes up the baby's sleep schedule. She didn't crash 'til 10 PM last night. It makes it hard when you have to get up at 3:45 AM.


Miz Green Jeans said...

Hey, great blog! Wonderful to see another woman in ag blogging away.

See mine at



Donna said...

Oh, I hate those bugs! I run the sweeper three or four times a day and the floor is covered with them an hour later. And of course when I turn on the vacuum, it stinks of the stupid bugs.

Calfkeeper said...

greenjeans-thanks for visiting. yes there aren't many of us ag women bloggers are there?

donna-yes, the bugs are a nuisance from the word go. they weren't as bad this past fall as they had been before, but they are still nasty.