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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ellen's First Birthday

Baby Ellen had her first birthday last Wed, Feb 27th. Here's a bit of the story on it.

Husband and I were in a quandry on what to get for her. We didn't really want to get her any of the China stuff from Wal-Mart, but he desperately wanted to get her a little rocking pony. We went to Wal-Mart and they said that they only carried those ponies during Christmas season. So DH went to Craig's List, but wasn't successful there either. So that did it for that idea.

The week before her birthday I told DH that what I wanted to get for her *eventually,* maybe for her 2nd birthday, was a nice little child's rocking chair; not one of the pressed wood, mass-produced ones, not a personalized one, or one with some freaky cartoon character on it, but a nice little chair for her to be able to pass on should she have kids. Apparently this idea had to gel in his mind for awhile, but Sat DH said that we were going to go to Lead Mine on Monday. Lead Mine is Mennonite country, here. But, he said, his mom said; "Oh, for a chair like that you are going to pay $30 or so." I just raised my eyebrows and said; "Umm Hmmm."

So on Monday off we went to Lead Mine. Once we got there we had to get off the main road and onto a gravel road that seemed to go forever. There was still a bit of ice and snow on the road and it was really slushy. I think it must have been in the 20s still as far as temps were concerned. On the way to the place where the guy carried oak furniture we went by the Mennonite church and school. The children were on their recess. They were so cute in their long dresses and bonnets and big insulated boots; out playing games. They all stopped and had to watch us as we sloshed by. Most of them waved. There were sheds there full of bicycles and there was a horse with a wagonload of lumber waiting at the hitching post. There was also a line of kids at the outhouse.

We finally got to the store and there were little children's rockers there; a cool $85 a pop. DH was stunned. I was expecting something like that. So we got a pair of insulated boots for me and went to another place; which necessitated going back by the school children, who once again stopped their games to watch these "Englishers" drive by in their truck. There was still one little guy waiting his turn at the outhouse.

At the next store they had a much, much fancier rocker there; $145. Hmmmm.. So we went sloshing back to the other place and Ellen is now the proud owner of a little Mennonite solid oak rocker. I will try and get a pic of it to post. She isn't too impressed with it, starts to fuss when in it. She just hasn't learned to balance it yet, her feet don't reach the floor.

And here's something funny: Just a few days after her birthday one of DH's friends brought over some toys his grandkid had outgrown; one was a little furry rocking pony!

That's it for now. No NaBlo list today...this is quite enough!


moe said...

Happy birthday to Ellen ! FREE pony and $85 rocker averaged together = only $42.50 pp (per present)or you could average in any of the rest of the BONUS FREE STUFF and bring your pp figures even lower......

Calfkeeper said...

moe-yes, thank you for putting it into perspective...I hadn't considered that before. ha!