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Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Visit from the County Sheriff

A list of reasons why the county sheriff might pay a visit to an Ozark dairy farm:
(Guess correctly and I’ll send you a free cow skull)

A. The cows got out and a neighbor complained.
B. A domestic dispute. (Not unknown in our neighborhood.)
C. Your house is on fire. (He did come to the neighbor’s house when it went up in smoke.)
D. He needs some backhoe work and a load of chat on his place.
E. It’s an election year and he wants to put up signs along the road on our place.
F. B & C
G. D & E

Give up? Ding, ding, ding…it’s letter G. (Cow skulls are too heavy to mail anyway; you’ll have to come get our own. haha)

Now husband has another potential customer for his new business and the whole county-well those who drive down our road-knows who we will vote for in the upcoming election for sheriff. Our property goes for about ¾ mile along the road so he was able to get a couple of signs up.


Gledwood said...

Oh I'd have thought it was all of 'em... surely?

Don't cow skulls make good ornaments?/sinister lightshade things with glowing bulbs in the eyesockets..??!?

Good day to yer!

We didn't get blown away and no genuine hurricane touched anywhere near British shores though the odd tree did fall in London town...


Take it easy!

Calfkeeper said...

gleds-someone a few miles down the road has a cow skull stuck in a stump in front of his house. Unfortunately our skulls don't have horns. If you paint them up (the horned ones) fancy you can sell them for $50 US or more. There are several longhorn outfits around the area, but so far I haven't had the nerve to ask if they have a spare skull handy to give away for free...