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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Sign of Spring

Here is yet another sign that spring is springing, as it were. The turtles in the ponds start coming out and sunning themselves. Of course, since I took this picture we haven't had any warm turtle friendly days, but at any rate this one enjoyed himself.

The first spring I was here, along in late spring maybe, the gal turtles started little migrations across the yard to lay eggs. It was fascinating to watch them try to pick a spot. They'd do little test scratchings here and there, then they would pick a spot and create mud, I am guessing they'd urinate copiously to do so. Then they would use their hind legs/flippers and dig a good sized hole and lay the eggs. Then they'd cover the hole back up and use their bodies to pack it down really well. After they were finished you couldn't tell that anything had been done, except for the fact that it was damp. But usually the skunks dig up the eggs and eat them. If not the skunks then probably the 'possums or armadillos. I tried protecting one spot, but nothing hatched or crawled out. I love to see the baby turtles.

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cc said...

Growing up we had California Desert Tortoises. I remember Mama laying eggs in the yard and watching them hatch out. We had two babies survive. They in a terrarium in our living room for quite a while. It was a really great experience.