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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Randomness...

Here again is a list of random events down on the dairy.

1. Yesterday we got I dunno how many inches of water. It came down pretty steadily for over 24 hours. Our yard and pastures were just standing in water. Husband said if he started seeing the animals walking two by two he was going to pack up and clear out. All the creeks and rivers in the area flooded so they had to divert traffic. We are on one of the main detour routes so we found out pretty quickly when they barricaded the roads because of flooding.

We are still getting quite a bit of "strange" traffic. I am sure I have said this before in an earlier post, but the locals around here; at least my husband and his family, have this tendency to stop whatever they are doing and look out the window whenever a car goes by. They just HAVE to see who it may be; you never know if you might see your neighbor going by with a new gadget in the back of his truck or whatever. So last night at supper I told my husband he was going to get a whiplash from trying to see each and every vehicle that went by, not to mention that he was never going to finish eating. It was funny.

2. I didn't go up the road to do the graining yesterday because it was too nasty and was still thundering and lightning. Today, however, I did and had to drain the feed bunks. These cement feed bunks come with drain holes in them, but husband plugs them up with large bolts because he says too much of the grain goes out the holes. So whenever it rains we have to drain them. This can be treacherous because if you are standing there at the bunks the cow critters assume you have put feed in there for them and come charging up puffing and blowing and carrying on. The will go from one bunk to the other, tossing their heads and snorting. At two lots, if I am quick, I can shut the corral and keep them out 'til I am done. At the others it's Katy bar the door. I usually take the flag from the 4-wheeler and beat them off; or I use an empty bucket if I have one.

3. Up until this big rain hit husband had been busy delivering gravel. He also had his first backhoe job to work on. Said he's busier now than before he retired from driving the school bus. He was talking to a guy who also had retired and who told husband; "Yeah, I am thinking about going back to work to get some rest." Ha.

4. Ellen's cutting a new bottom tooth. No wonder she has been cranky.

5. We got another bull calf a couple of days ago; that is about 4-5 bulls in a row. At $150 US a pop that's not bad, but heifers are the future herd and to get a good one you have to have quite a few as most of them are duds.

6. I have run out of randomness for now.

7. Thanks to everyone for reading to the end!


Donna said...

All that rain went south and east of Kansas City, thank goodness! Hubby's brother near Independence, Kansas, has really been getting it, though. And so has his sister in St. Louis.

Calfkeeper said...

donna-Oh, your turn will come eventually. Just be prepared to build an ark-we almost did.


moe said...

I liked the info about how everybody stops to watch cars drive by. It reminded me of driving in Louisiana one time. People in houses or in passing cars waved at me for No Reason. I see now that I was "....strange traffic".

Calfkeeper said...

moe-yes, you were very strange traffic. I dunno if I have ever blogged about it, but people wave to you quite a bit here too. if they don't wave they are usually "furriners" or better translated, "not from around here."