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Friday, March 21, 2008

Walk Photos List

Here is a list of photos I took yesterday on my walk to the creek.

1. There is something enchanting about the combination of running water and mossy rocks. This is one of the two springs on our place (Hence the "formal" name of the dairy: Two Springs Dairy. But we only use this when registering the cows/calves with the Holstein Association).

2. Here is an overflowing pond that was dry just a week ago. It filled up and flooded the pasture overnight. It is fed by the second spring on our place, which isn't really visible in the picture. Only once before have I seen water in this pond and that was maybe 2-2 and a half years ago.

3. Here is a crawdad (or crayfish...maybe...those of you in the know about these things can correct my terminology if I am wrong) I ran across while wading in the creek. He obligingly swam up and parked here on this twig underwater while I was out wading. I noticed how he lines himself up with the flow of the water so as to camoflauge himself. I actually reached down and touched him. In response he lifted his right claw out of the water as if in salute and swam off. I found it interesting that he swims backwards; at least that is what it looked like to me.


Solomon Broad said...

I think they do swim backwards. They curl their tail up underneath themselves, and flick it up and down.

Anonymous said...

you can call them that or as we call them mud bugs! and boy are they mm good!


Amrita said...

I like the grayfish, never seen. So sweet of him to be so friendly, maybe he knew you weren 't going to east him.

Calfkeeper said...

yes, they are interesting little creatures. never heard them called mud bugs though. Interesting.

See, you learn something new everyday.

Gledwood said...

absolutely beautiful!