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Saturday, March 1, 2008

March we go...The First Post

The theme for the March NaBloPoMo is "lists." You don't have to follow this theme, but it helps to have a guideline...I have been wondering if I could possibly think up 31 lists that could be dairy/agriculture related. Dunno.

Here goes.

Make a list of bovine breeds that you can think of off the top of your head:

1 Holstein
2 Red Holstein
3 Jersey
4 Ayrshire
5 Hereford
6 Gelbveih
7 Angus
8 Brown Swiss
9 Limousin
10 Charolais
11 Simmental
12 Black Baldies-I dunno if this is an official breed or not, it's a cross between Hereford and Angus I believe.

OK, I know there are tons more, but I can't think of any and I cheated too, I had to look up the spelling of Gelbveih and found Simmental listed there.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with the NaBloPoMo. It's not as difficult as you think. :)

Unknown said...

Wow! You are good! LOL! ;)

We've got Charolais and Red Angus on our farm. I could only list off about 6 or 7 bovine breeds off the top of my head!

Good luck with the NaBlo! I was going to do it this month, but I'll be away for most of it. I know, I know...Farmers shouldn't be away from the farm...EVER!! However, the Hubs and I have been married almost 2 years and haven't gone away on our honeymoon. We're leaving for the Dominican Republic in 2 days!! We'll be gone for a total of 9 days (7 day all-incl vacation and 2 days travel time). After we get back, Hubs will resume farming and I will be off to visit my little nephew who turns a year old on March 16th! Then when I get back, it's back to work. *sigh* LOL!

Calfkeeper said...

Solomon-the only problem with being successful in the NaBloPoMo deal is hoping my ISP doesn't go down; we are on dial up.

C- Awesome! We will never be able to take a vacation like that because hubby will never leave the dairy that long. Plus, he would never be interested in going out of the country.