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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Entertainment on the Dairy

Here is another list I managed to think up...what I have for entertainment on the dairy.

1. Books/magazines
2. Computer
3. Walk
4. Stereo
5. Gardening
6. Crafts

OK, so it's a short list. Also, note the lack of a television. Nope, it's true, we don't have a TV. Many folks wonder how I survive without one and say; "I'd die without my TV." Well, I dunno about that but I just don't have the time or interest to watch it. It's not that we are rabid anti-TV people it's just that we don't really care for it. Sure there are some types of shows I miss, but not enough to have one. I watch DVDs on the computer, or play games. Mostly I read your blogs or emails. I do have a bit of free time when the baby is sleeping or down to her grandma's, but I fill that up with trips down to the creek or reading books or magazines I don't have time to read otherwise. The rest of the time I am busy with the baby or with chores. Hubby doesn't watch TV either; at peak hours he's out in the barn milking. In this I KNOW that God answers prayers because before I married I prayed "Please God, don't make me marry a guy who watches sports all the time on TV!" And He didn't. Not that I have anything against sports or guys who watch them really, it just isn't one of my interests.

And thinking about it; I really don't remember the last movie I went to. When the closest theater is about an hour's drive away and it's $2.99 for a gallon of gas, you just kind of have to weigh the cost in the balance and opt for staying home and waiting for the flick to come out on DVD.

I don't really have much time for crafts either, but I put it on there just in case I should have time to do some. I did some drawing awhile back, but I don't have a formal place where I can set up permanent shop to do crafting.

Well, that's it for this today.

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