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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Walk in the Woods and a Lesson Learned

Yesterday I took a walk down to the creek to see what the damage from the flooding was. It wasn't too bad really. But I had one of those "eek" moments.

I wore my boots, of course (the ones WITHOUT the hole in them), and went wading in the creek where it was shallow enough to get out in. Then there was this spot where there was a new shallow little gravel bar there in the creek, just a quick hop over a deeper rivulet. So I hopped.

That is when I had my "eek" moment because my foot just kept going down and down and down. Fortunately it didn't go any further down than to maybe just 2/3 of the way up my calf. My life did not flash before my eyes; there wasn't enough time for that, but in that split second I wondered how long it would be before anyone found me and if I'd be fossilized by then.

Lesson: In less than 24 hours after a creek has flooded it is not advisable to go hopping into new gravel bars, they haven't had time to settle yet.


Solomon Broad said...

All the thrills of a rollercoaster without leaving the comfort of your home. It's a pretty scary feeling, though, when you get stuck like that.

jel said...

did ya go squish squish all the way home, (wheres a camera, when ya need one) :)

Calfkeeper said...

solomon-yes, quite the thrills it was. I am not much into rollercoasters either.

jel-well I DID have my camera, but was too busy to think of using it at the moment. ha.