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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March post number 13

What to post, what to post...

Weather is warm, baby is cranky, cow up the road is going to calve soon. The Newsboys are singing on the stereo.

Yesterday I went with DH to deliver a load of chat to some folks from the church. It was interesting at the quarry; piles and piles of gravel all over. Dusty, when the dude loaded us up. 16 tons of rock. It's cool riding in a big dump truck; you can see the countryside pretty well from up there. We went back into hillbilly country, seemed like; junk piles in front yards, old rusted cars and stuff. Fascinating. I wish I'd had my camera with me I'd have made hubby stop so I could take a pic of this rebel flag flying in someone's front yard. On it was written: "I ain't coming down!" Old mindsets die hard it would appear; they keep getting passed down through the generations.

Also yesterday; DH went up the road putting out hay, 10 of neighbor's angus heifers and a bull are running up and down the road. He helped round them up but was afraid our bull was going to break out; he was really excited and running up and down the fence carrying on. Wish I could get a video of the bull when he gets excited; he's something else.


Amrita said...

hi Rebecca, thanks for visiting me.I love the farming industry. And a dairy farm WOW. I have many friends who either teach or study in a Chistian Agricultural University some miles from here.

In India you can find a dairy right in the middle of the city, altho they are trying to move them to the surburbs.And we have the menace of wandering stray cattle.Have to protect our campus from them.You 'll find that funny.
I am bookmarking you.God bless

I love country music too.

jel said...


Merle said...

Hi Calfkeeper ~~ Nice to meet you and
thanks for your visit. I have a daughter and son in law who have a dairy farm where they milk up to 200 cows, and they have 5 kids from age
nine to twenty.
I am glad you enjoyed my jokes etc
Come again any time. Take care,
Cheers, Merle.

Calfkeeper said...

amrita-thanks for the visit. I appreciate the bookmark. How interesting to know they have dairies right in the middle of the city. But yeah, strays must be no fun on campus.

jel; howdy-ho

merle-how interesting to run into someone who's related to a dairy farmer. Thanks for visiting Dairy Daze!