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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Buddy and Hay Scams

Yesterday I forgot to list Buddy, who was a nosy heifer when I first came here. She was one of the bolder calves and would let me scratch her head; thus her nickname. And for the record; we have several registered cows/heifers. Rosie is one, Messy is actually registered and her registered name is Petals. Husband registered her as that. I nearly howled with laughter. Messy got her Messy name because she well...she likes to let the chips fall when she is in the barn. Another heifer I registered I named Violet, but we never call her Violet; first off she hasn't had her calf yet and second we don't know what her personality will be like yet.

No lists today...I am all listed out. I thought of making a list of what cow ailments I could remember but that seemed too depressing. And really the only one I can think of now is Johne's (pronounced OH-KNEES)

In thinking of something to post about I can't believe I have neglected to talk about hay scams; on the internet of course. On most any board you advertise on you will get scammers contacting you. Here's the deal; they want to buy what you have to sell, they send you a cashiers check via UPS for twice the amount you want. They ask you to contact their shipper, cash the check and pay the what he requires and then keep the extra for yourself. Of course the check is totally bogus and in the end you are out thousands of $$.

Last spring DH advertised on the hay boards that he needed to buy hay. From this he got any number of offers to BUY hay FROM him. (one guy thought we had a hay farm and wanted to buy THAT) Never one to pass up a chance for some fun he'd ask what kind and how much they needed. Oh, they'd give him some weird amount of hay bales that a real ag person would never ask for (like only half a semi load or something), then he'd quote a price that no real ag person would ever pay and they'd ask for his address and phone and bank number...etc. Then he'd give them the sheriff's name and address and office number(not expecting that local law would be able to do anything about it, but just to play and have fun). The results were actually hilarious. DH would get them to call the number and ask for the sheriff by first name, then they'd email back and say that they'd called but he wasn't in. They would mail the check and DH would track it by number and see which deputy signed for it. HA. Then the guy would email DH and ask when he was going to mail the check to the shipper. DH would then give him the sheriff's website and say something to the effect of; "You idiot, you mailed it to the local sheriff. I bet your mother is proud of you!"

One guy, after looking at the website asked: "I see you are the sheriff...does that mean I'm not going to get my money?" Bonehead!

Just a few days ago one emailed husband saying he wanted something husband had on web for sale and was going to mail the check if DH would email address, bank number...etc. Husband emailed back asking what it was he wanted. Guy says; "Oh, what all do you have for sale?" Idiot.

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Unknown said...

On the subject of the Hay scams:

Your DH is a man after my own heart as we have fun with them also. Might I make a suggestions?

Open another e-mail account (or two) and string the scammers along twice or three times for each scammer. It looks like each time they send out one of those UPS overnight jobs it is costing the scammer about $25 to 30 bucks. The law can't get them because the scammer is in Nigeria but we farmers and ranchers CAN get to them and make them pay, if only $25 to $30 at a time.

Also, you can help everyone by sending the scam messages to

Pat your hubby on the back and tell him to keep scamming the scum. ** Extreme Grin **