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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My random thoughts about: The EOTWAWKI

On this forum I visit; Homesteading Today, they have had major discussions about The End Of The World As We Know It.  And about the whole Mayan end of the calendar thing.

On Facebook I had one or two Friends more or less stating that the EOTWAWKI has or will soon come since Obama has been re-elected. 

I remain skeptical about the whole issue.  I (as well as the majority of the adults in, say their 20s) probably remember the whole Y2K hysteria.  Just a couple of weeks ago a lady at church said she and her husband are still eating the MREs they had stashed away for the Y2K crash that was supposed to happen.  Ha ha.

What happened then?  Nothing major.  The sun kept shining, rising and setting it its appointed rounds, the wind still blows, the birds still sing. 

So what really will comprise the EOTWAWKI?  I dunno?  Will it be the crash of the world financial systems?  Will it be the disease, starvation?  Will it be Armageddon and the end as described in the Bible?  Maybe. 

I am not going to sweat it.  I read the end of the Book.  I know how the End will be for myself and other Christian believers.

But I also wonder how often the End of the World has actually happened for people all over the world.

How many inventions have come along that have changed EVERYTHING?  Microscopes.  Pasteurization.  Vaccines.  The wheel.  Electricity.  Computers.  Henry Ford's motor vehicle.  Sliced bread.  Plastic.  Cell phones.

The advent of each of these things has been the beginning of the ending of what the world used to know; in one form or another.  You will find very few farriers around nowadays.  Once upon a time at the beginning of this nation every town had one, if not several.  How many people actually know what one is? 

 Pay phones?  They are going out rapidly.  Who needs one when you already have one in your back pocket? 

The end of the world as someone used to know it. 

Sometimes I just wonder about these things.  Sure, if Christ tarries, life, the world as I know it, for my daughter will be close to 100% different than what it is now.  But I don't think it's any reason to panic.  At least not yet.  :)

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