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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Plethora of Pencils

A pencil for every season.
A pencil for every reason.
A pencil for every cause.
A pencil for either paw.

Christmas, Valentine's Day
Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, too.
Even the Fourth of July
 Is there for you.

Listening Library, Merrill, CHC
Smokey the Bear, he's my man
Let's say "No" to Drugs and there's
Even one for Data Dan.

When you have a kid you find out that the easiest thing for folks to give for any and every holiday, even and cause is a pencil; often more than one.

How many pencils can one possibly use?

The Data Dan one I have had for a LONG time, but you'd have to ask my brother at InsideOutPut about that one.


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