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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Sunny Saturday

Yesterday was a lovely day in the Ozarks; sunny and around 73 degrees. We celebrated by packing up and heading off to the Lebanon Livestock Market (auction) just to see what was going on there. Mostly hubby was intensely curious as we are looking to exchange our heifers to get new bloodlines going.

They were super late in getting started and they always start with the smaller animals; goats, sheep and pigs...or hogs as they call them, though they did have quite a few little pigs there.

After the pigs came the calves, but hubby wasn't impressed with them; said they looked like other folks' culls, kind of like what we would bring to an auction to get rid of. A guy in front of us had brought a little 10 week old bull (a red something or other, not red holstein, I forget what it was) that he wanted to sell for breeding purposes, but it only brought $85. His wife wasn't happy with him.

We left after about an hour; hubby not impressed with the offerings or with how the place was run. But I left with one lasting impression; I will take dairy smells over hog smells anyday! Lord they stink; and there weren't that many of them there really.


jel said...

yup pigs smell
but they taste might good! ;)

Calfkeeper said...

yes, we have thought about getting a pig ourselves but would have to set up a place to keep it. hubby has even started talking about raising a beef to butcher, but don't think that will happen unless things get really bad.